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hirt by hanes beefy  

THESE PHILIPPINE HISTORICAL T-SHIRTS ALLOW YOU TO INFORM OTHERS ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE PHILIPPINES.  I wear mine everywhere and people often ask" who is Emilio Aguinaldo, Carlos Bulosan?"
price:    $10.00  
We have sold 100's of these shirts at Festivals throughout California and also we currently are selling them at Malacanang Palace gift shop, Aguinaldo Shrine, Malolos Church, Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago. SHIRT NUMBER DESCRIPTION SHIRT COLOR INK COLOR















SHIRT #1     Front: Philippine Revolution 1896 white shirt (5 color print)
Back: Katipunan Blood Compact (black ink)
(click here to see both front & back of Revolution shirt revolution shirt.htm )
SHIRT #2     Front: Jose Rizal white or natural shirt (black ink)rizal.htm
Back: Noli Me Tangere cover  (black ink)
SHIRT #3     Front: Emilio Aguinaldo natural shirt (black ink) aguinaldo.htm
Back: Aguinaldo House Balcony Scene
SHIRT #4     Front: Antonio Luna natural shirt (black ink)
Back: Secretary of War Seal (black ink)
SHIRT #5     Front: Apolinario Mabini natural shirt (black ink) 
Back: Barasoain Church (black ink)
SHIRT #6     Front: Lapu-Lapu natural shirt (black ink) lapu.htm
Back: Battle of Mactan (black ink)
SHIRT #7     Front: Gregorio Del Pilar Stamp natural shirt (black ink)
Back: At Tirad Pass (black ink)
SHIRT #8     Front: El Filibusterismo, Book Cover (GOMBURZA) natural shirt (brown ink)
Back: Text From El Filibusterismo (brown ink)
SHIRT #9     Front: Declaration of Independence Stamp white or (blue ink)
Back: Aguinaldo House Balcony Scene (blue ink)
SHIRT #10   Front: Carlos Bulosan Photograph white or natural shirt (black ink)                            
Back: Quote From America Is In The Heart (black ink)
SHIRT #11   Front: America Is In The Heart Drawing white or natural shirt (black ink) bulosan.htm
Back: Quote from America Is In The Heart (black ink)
SHIRT #12   Front: DocBack: Alibata (purple ink)
Doctrina Christiana Stamp natural shirt (purple ink)
SHIRT #13   Front: Aguinaldo Stamp Red white shirt (red ink)
Back: Aguinaldo Stamp Black (black ink)